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Uccelli Pizza

Oven Baked Specialty Pies

Chef Robert's Oven Baked Pies From Nothern Italy

Dine in, or take out, our fresh out of the oven pizza pies are a very different gourmet experience. Try one of our "Uccelli Specialty Pies" or design your own.

Uccelli Specialty Pies

Bolognese Pizza  $13.95  A hearty meat sauce with herbs and spicesDesign Your Own Pizza

Alla Vodka Pizza  $13.95  Delicate cream sauce and a touch a vodka

Mama Dora Pizza  $14.95  Old fashioned sauce with meatball & sausage

Chicken Diablo  $14.95  With spicy sauce

Primavera Pizza  $13.95  Mixed vegetables

All Meat Pizza  $14.95

Jambalaya Pizza  $14.95  Cajun chicken & sausage in creamy jambalaya sauce

Salsa Rosatta Pizza  $14.95  Chicken, bacon, mushroom, garlic, onions, green peas in pink sauce

Uccelli Via Pizza ~ Six toppings of your choice  $18.95

Design Your Own ~ 16" Medium Pie $11.00 with Toppings $2.00 each

Speciality Toppings include: Mushrooms, Olives, Garlic, Broccoli, Peppers, Meatballs, Ham, Pepperoni, Chicken