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Taste of Spain

Join us for a unique treat from the cuisine of Spain

Due to popular demand, Chef Robert will prepare his very special Taste of Spain menu every night,  featuring wonderful Tapas appetizers, and a delightful selection of Paella Dishes (Spain’s famous saffron rice specialties.)


Tapas originates from Spain and means, “a variety of appetizers in small portions."

Chorizo C/vino Cebolla  $7.95 Fried Spanish sausage with white wine and onion 

Camarones al Ajo  $8.98 Shrimp in garlic sauce

Patatas Bravas  $6.50 Roasted potatoes with garlic and paprika

Guiso de Pollo  $7.50 Chicken Stew

Guiso Vegetarino  $6.50 Vegetable Stew


Enjoy a light fruity glass of Sangria compliments of Chef Robert    (Sangria not available for take out.)

Paella Valenciana  $24.95  Shrimp, Clams, Mussels, Calamari, Chicken & Chorizo

Paella Marinera  $23.95   Mixed Seafood medley

Paella Catalana  $18.95   Combination of Chicken with Chorizo

Paella Vegetarina  $17.95  Mixed Vegetables

Chicken with Rum Sauce  $15.95  Tomatoes, green peppers and olives in Rum sauce

Camaron al Ajo  $16.95  Shrimp in garlic sauce over rice